Hey there, fellow explorers of the tech frontier! I'm Tomasz Korzeniowski, the proud captain of the ship codequest. Our crew navigates the thrilling seas of AI solutions, making port in innovative business landscapes. My previous adventure in face recognition technology led to an encounter with Apple, where they liked the treasure we had unearthed so much they took it off our hands. Now, as we set sail on this blog, we'll chart a course through AI's potential in the business world, seasoned with tales from our expeditions at codequest.

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AI Decoded: Your Guide to the AI Archipelago

Understanding AI's influence on business requires a firm grasp of the three main islands in the AI archipelago: Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI).

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), or Weak AI, is a specialist. It's your Alexa setting alarms or your Netflix algorithm suggesting that next binge-worthy series. ANI is ever-present, steering from email spam filters to autonomous vehicles. Our own pet project, Snoozy, is an exemplar of ANI in action. Snoozy is a savvy meditation guide that brews personalized sessions using elements from your cherished books, ambient sounds, and chosen voiceovers.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), or Strong AI, is the human-equivalent. It’s the hypothetical all-rounder that could plan, learn, and decide as humans do. Picture a supercharged version of Siri or Alexa, capable of any intellectual task that a human can do.

Last but not least, Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) is the AI heavyweight. This theoretical form surpasses human intelligence, potentially solving problems beyond human reach and perpetually self-improving. ASI might seem like a storyline plucked from the realms of "Transcendence" or "Her", and as of my latest knowledge update in September 2021, it is.

AI and Business: An Entwined Odyssey

Even without AGI and ASI, our dependable ANI is already the compass guiding businesses across sectors. Whether it's fine-tuning e-commerce recommendations or predicting machinery upkeep in manufacturing, ANI is the secret star in many business sagas. Back at codequest, we're gearing up HAY (howareyou.work), an initiative where we're employing AI as a sidekick to managers, helping them lead their software development teams with an extra dose of compassion and dedication.

The AI Horizon: A Peek at the Future

The AI odyssey is only warming up. As we advance closer to the AGI and ASI territories, a business revolution awaits on the horizon. Whether it's AGI fully automating customer service or ASI out-innovating human experts, the prospects are tantalizing.

Your Ticket to the AI Adventure

To make your mark in the AI universe, keep this blog as your trusty logbook. We'll dissect the multifaceted world of AI, its ripples in businesses, and the ground-breaking exploits we're undertaking at codequest. Sign up now and get the magic of AI straight to your inbox. Let's decode the future, one AI breakthrough at a time.

Just remember, AI isn't a mythical creature. It's here, it's real, and it's revolutionizing businesses, fuelling innovation, and creating opportunities. It's ripe for the picking. Ready to harvest the power of AI?

Fasten your seatbelts, let's set sail into the AI seas together.

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